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Article Title and Code: Phylogenetic analysis of Croatian orf viruses isolated from sheep and goats,
Authors: Ivana Lojkic, Zeljko Cac, Ana Beck, Tomislav Bedekovic, Zeljko Cvetnic, Branko Sostaric,
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Article Title and Code: PD-1 expression on peripheral CD8+ TEM/TEMRA subsets closely correlated with HCV viral load in chronic hepatitis C patients,
Authors: Tao Shen, Jiajia Zheng, Chunhui Xu, Jia Liu, Weidong Zhang, Fengmin Lu, Hui Zhuang,
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Article Title and Code: Molecular analysis of HBV genotypes and subgenotypes in the Central-East region of Tunisia,
Authors: Naila Hannachi, Nadia Ben Fredj, Olfa Bahri, Vincent Thibault, Asma Ferjani, Jawhar Gharbi, Henda Triki, Jalel Boukadida,
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Article Title and Code: Presence of Human Herpes Virus 6 (HHV6) in pediatric lymphomas: impact on clinical course and association with cytomegalovirus infection,
Authors: Samah A Loutfy, Mohamed Fawzy, Mohamed El-Wakil, Manar M Moneer,
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Article Title and Code: Potent and persistent antibody responses against the receptor-binding domain of SARS-CoV spike protein in recovered patients,
Authors: Zhiliang Cao, Lifeng Liu, Lanying Du, Chao Zhang, Shibo Jiang, Taisheng Li, Yuxian He,
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Article Title and Code: Mobile DNA elements in T4 and related phages,
Authors: David R Edgell, Ewan A Gibb, Marlene Belfort,
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Article Title and Code: Transcriptional control in the prereplicative phase of T4 development,
Authors: Deborah M Hinton,
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Article Title and Code: Transcription of the T4 late genes,
Authors: E Peter Geiduschek, George A Kassavetis,
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Article Title and Code: Molecular characterization of porcine circovirus 2 isolated from diseased pigs co-infected with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus,
Authors: Jianzhong Yi, Chengqian Liu,
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Article Title and Code: Prevalence of hepatitis delta virus infection among hepatitis b virus surface antigen positive patients circulating in the largest province of pakistan,
Authors: Gulshan Zaidi, Muhammad Idrees, Fayyaz Ahmed Malik, Irum Amin, Muhammad Shahid, Saima Younas, Rashid Hussain, Zunaira Awan, Aaliyah Tariq, Khalida Parveen,
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Article Title and Code: Co-receptor usage and prediction of v3 genotyping algorithms in hiv-1 subtype b' from paid blood donors experienced anti-retroviral therapy in chinese central province,
Authors: Shuiling Qu, Liying Ma, Lin Yuan, Wesi Xu, Kunxue Hong, Hui Xing, Yang Huang, Xiaoling Yu, Yiming Shao,
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Article Title and Code: Bovine herpesvirus 4 based vector as a potential oncolytic-virus for treatment of glioma,
Authors: Marco Redaelli, Carla Mucignat-Caretta, Andrea Cavaggioni, Antonio Caretta, Domenico D'Avella, Luca Denaro, Sandro Cavirani, Gaetano Donofrio,
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Article Title and Code: Hepatitis C Treatment: current and future perspectives,
Authors: Saira Munir, Sana Saleem, Muhammad Idrees, Aaliyah Tariq, Sadia Butt, Bisma Rauff, Abrar Hussain, Sadaf Badar, Mahrukh Naudhani, Zareen Fatima, Muhmmad Ali, Liaqat Ali, Madiha Akram, Mahwish Aftab, Bushra Khubaib, Zunaira Awan,
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Article Title and Code: Deletion of 1.8-kb mRNA of Marek's disease virus decreases its replication ability but not oncogenicity,
Authors: Aijun Sun, Yanpeng Li, Jingyan Wang, Shuai Su, Hongjun Chen, Hongfei Zhu, Jiabo Ding, Zhizhong Cui,
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Article Title and Code: T4 genes in the marine ecosystem: studies of the T4-like cyanophages and their role in marine ecology,
Authors: Martha RJ Clokie, Andrew D Millard, Nicholas H Mann,
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Article Title and Code: Lassa virus-like particles displaying all major immunological determinants as a vaccine candidate for Lassa hemorrhagic fever,
Authors: Luis M Branco, Jessica N Grove, Frederick J Geske, Matt L Boisen, Ivana J Muncy, Susan A Magliato, Lee A Henderson, Randal J Schoepp, Kathleen A Cashman, Lisa E Hensley, Robert F Garry,
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Article Title and Code: Characterization of human adenovirus 35 and derivation of complex vectors,
Authors: Duncan McVey, Mohammed Zuber, Damodar EttyReddy, Christopher D Reiter, Douglas E Brough, Gary J Nabel, C Richter King, Jason G D Gall,
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