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Article Title and Code: Comparison between amniotomy, oxytocin or both for augmentation of labor in prolonged latent phase: a randomized controlled trial,
Authors: Zohar Nachum, Gali Garmi, Yfat Kadan, Noah Zafran, Eliezer Shalev, Raed Salim,
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Article Title and Code: Syndecan-1 knock-down in decidualized human endometrial stromal cells leads to significant changes in cytokine and angiogenic factor expression patterns,
Authors: Dunja M Baston-Büst, Martin Götte, Wolfgang Janni, Jan-Steffen Krüssel, Alexandra P Hess,
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Article Title and Code: Mammalian oocytes are targets for prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) action,
Authors: Diane M Duffy, Lynda K McGinnis, Catherine A VandeVoort, Lane K Christenson,
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Article Title and Code: The correlation between urinary 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid and sperm quality in infertile men and rotating shift workers,
Authors: Águeda Ortiz, Javier Espino, Ignacio Bejarano, Graciela M Lozano, Fabián Monllor, Juan F García, José A Pariente, Ana B Rodríguez,
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Article Title and Code: Adiponectin promotes syncytialisation of BeWo cell line and primary trophoblast cells,
Authors: Delphine Benaitreau, Esther Dos Santos, Marie-Christine Leneveu, Philippe De Mazancourt, René Pecquery, Marie-Noëlle Dieudonné,
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Article Title and Code: Spatiotemporal expression of the serine protease inhibitor, SERPINE2, in the mouse placenta and uterus during the estrous cycle, pregnancy, and lactation,
Authors: Schu-Rern Chern, Sheng-Hsiang Li, Chung-Hao Lu, Edmund I Tsuen Chen,
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Article Title and Code: Apoptosis is increased and cell proliferation is decreased in out-of-phase endometria from infertile and recurrent abortion patients,
Authors: Gabriela F Meresman, Carla Olivares, Susana Vighi, Margarita Alfie, Marcela Irigoyen, Juan J Etchepareborda,
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Article Title and Code: TRIzol treatment of secretory phase endometrium allows combined proteomic and mRNA microarray analysis of the same sample in women with and without endometriosis,
Authors: Amelie Fassbender, Peter Simsa, Cleophas M Kyama, Etienne Waelkens, Attila Mihalyi, Christel Meuleman, Olivier Gevaert, Raf Van de Plas, Bart De Moor, Thomas M D'Hooghe,
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Article Title and Code: Coexpression of adrenomedullin and its receptor component proteins in the reproductive system of the rat during gestation,
Authors: Lei Li, Fai Tang, Wai-Sum O,
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Article Title and Code: First trimester screening for trisomy 21 in gestational week 8-10 by ADAM12-S as a maternal serum marker,
Authors: Niels Tørring, Susan Ball, Dave Wright, Gaïané Sarkissian, Marie Guitton, Bruno Darbouret,
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