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Article Title and Code: Radio-induced malignancies after breast cancer postoperative radiotherapy in patients with Li-Fraumeni syndrome,
Authors: Steve Heymann, Suzette Delaloge, Arslane Rahal, Olivier Caron, Thierry Frebourg, Lise Barreau, Corinne Pachet, Marie-Christine Mathieu, Hugo Marsiglia, Céline Bourgier,
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Article Title and Code: Reduction of radiation pneumonitis by V20-constraints in breast cancer,
Authors: Ulla Blom Goldman, Berit Wennberg, Gunilla Svane, Håkan Bylund, Pehr Lind,
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Article Title and Code: Whole-liver radiotherapy for end-stage colorectal cancer patients with massive liver metastases and advanced hepatic dysfunction,
Authors: Seung-Gu Yeo, Dae Yong Kim, Tae Hyun Kim, Sun Young Kim, Yong Sang Hong, Kyung Hae Jung,
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Article Title and Code: Application of volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) in a dual-vendor environment,
Authors: Barbara Dobler, Karin Weidner, Oliver Koelbl,
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Article Title and Code: Orthovoltage intraoperative radiation therapy for pancreatic adenocarcinoma,
Authors: Pavan Bachireddy, Diane Tseng, Melissa Horoschak, Daniel T Chang, Albert C Koong, Daniel S Kapp, Phuoc T Tran,
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Article Title and Code: Is standard breast-conserving therapy (BCT) in elderly breast cancer patients justified? A prospective measurement of acute toxicity according CTC-classification,
Authors: Razvan M Galalae, Jürgen Schultze, Kirsten Eilf, Bernhard Kimmig,
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Article Title and Code: RadioImmunotherapy for adenoid cystic carcinoma: a single-institution series of combined treatment with cetuximab,
Authors: Alexandra D Jensen, Jürgen Krauss, Wilko Weichert, Jürgen Debus, Marc W Münter,
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Article Title and Code: MicroRNA-17-92 significantly enhances radioresistance in human mantle cell lymphoma cells,
Authors: Ping Jiang, En Y Rao, Na Meng, Yong Zhao, Jun J Wang,
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