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Article Title and Code: Eastern asian expert panel opinion: designing clinical trials of molecular targeted therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma,
Authors: Winnie Yeo, Pei-Jer Chen, Junji Furuse, Kwang-Hyub Han, Chiun Hsu, Ho-Yeong Lim, Hanlim Moon, Shukui Qin, Ee-Min Yeoh, Sheng-Long Ye,
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Article Title and Code: Regulation of sonic hedgehog-GLI1 downstream target genes PTCH1, Cyclin D2, Plakoglobin, PAX6 and NKX2.2 and their epigenetic status in medulloblastoma and astrocytoma,
Authors: Mehdi H Shahi, Mohammad Afzal, Subrata Sinha, Charles G Eberhart, Juan A Rey, Xing Fan, Javier S Castresana,
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Article Title and Code: Early warnings of the potential for malaria transmission in rural Africa using the hydrology, entomology and malaria transmission simulator (HYDREMATS),
Authors: Teresa K Yamana, Elfatih AB Eltahir,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Detection of 1014F kdr mutation in four major Anopheline malaria vectors in Indonesia,
Authors: Din Syafruddin, Anggi PN Hidayati, Puji BS Asih, William A Hawley, Supratman Sukowati, Neil F Lobo,
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Article Title and Code: Survey of artemisinin production by diverse Artemisia species in northern Pakistan,
Authors: Abdul Mannan, Ibrar Ahmed, Waheed Arshad, Muhammad F Asim, Rizwana A Qureshi, Izhar Hussain, Bushra Mirza,
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Article Title and Code: Increasing CD44+/CD24- tumor stem cells, and upregulation of COX-2 and HDAC6, as major functions of HER2 in breast tumorigenesis,
Authors: Kai-Hung Wang, An-Pei Kao, Chia-Cheng Chang, Jau-Nan Lee, Ming-Feng Hou, Cheng-Yu Long, Hung-Sheng Chen, Eing-Mei Tsai,
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Article Title and Code: Bm86 midgut protein sequence variation in South Texas cattle fever ticks,
Authors: Jeanne M Freeman, Ronald B Davey, Lowell S Kappmeyer, Diane M Kammlah, Pia U Olafson,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: A hyperactive sleeping beauty transposase enhances transgenesis in zebrafish embryos,
Authors: Morgan Newman, Michael Lardelli,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Protein aggregation containing beta-amyloid, alpha-synuclein and hyperphosphorylated tau in cultured cells of hippocampus, substantia nigra and locus coeruleus after rotenone exposure,
Authors: Rodrigo S Chaves, Thaiany Q Melo, Stephanie A Martins, Merari FR Ferrari,
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Article Title and Code: Massive hydrothorax following subclavian vein catheterization,
Authors: Hesham R Omar, Ahmad fathy, Mohamed Elghonemy, Rania Rashad, Engy Helal, Devanand Mangar, Enrico Camporesi,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Feasibility of combination allogeneic stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury: a case report,
Authors: Thomas E Ichim, Fabio Solano, Fabian Lara, Eugenia Paris, Federico Ugalde, Jorge Paz Rodriguez, Boris Minev, Vladimir Bogin, Famela Ramos, Erik J Woods, Michael P Murphy, Amit N Patel, Robert J Harman, Neil H Riordan,
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Article Title and Code: Hypogelsolinemia, a disorder of the extracellular actin scavenger system, in patients with multiple sclerosis,
Authors: Alina Kułakowska, Nicholas J Ciccarelli, Qi Wen, Barbara Mroczko, Wiesław Drozdowski, Maciej Szmitkowski, Paul A Janmey, Robert Bucki,
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Article Title and Code: Referrals for pediatric weight management: the importance of proximity,
Authors: Kathryn A Ambler, Douglas WJ Hagedorn, Geoff DC Ball,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Age-dependent changes in TDP-43 levels in a mouse model of Alzheimer disease are linked to Aβ oligomers accumulation,
Authors: Antonella Caccamo, Andrea Magrí, Salvatore Oddo,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Preferences of diabetes patients and physicians: A feasibility study to identify the key indicators for appraisal of health care values,
Authors: Franz Porzsolt, Johannes Clouth, Marc Deutschmann, Hans-J Hippler,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Dickkopf-1 (Dkk-1) in plasma and synovial fluid is inversely correlated with radiographic severity of knee osteoarthritis patients,
Authors: Sittisak Honsawek, Aree Tanavalee, Pongsak Yuktanandana, Srihatach Ngarmukos, Natthaphon Saetan, Saran Tantavisut,
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Article Title and Code: Surgical resection of a renal cell carcinoma involving the inferior vena cava: the role of the cardiothoracic surgeon,
Authors: Haralabos Parissis, Mohammad Taukeer Akbar, Michael Tolan, Vincent Young,
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Article Title and Code: Autotaxin and lysophosphatidic acid1 receptor-mediated demyelination of dorsal root fibers by sciatic nerve injury and intrathecal lysophosphatidylcholine,
Authors: Jun Nagai, Hitoshi Uchida, Yosuke Matsushita, Ryo yano, Mutsumi Ueda, Masami Niwa, Junken Aoki, Jerold Chun, Hiroshi Ueda,
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Article Title and Code: LEARN 2 MOVE 2-3: a randomized controlled trial on the efficacy of child-focused intervention and context-focused intervention in preschool children with cerebral palsy,
Authors: Marjolijn Ketelaar, Anne JA Kruijsen, Olaf Verschuren, Marian J Jongmans, Jan Willem Gorter, Johannes Verheijden, Heleen A Reinders-Messelink, Eline Lindeman,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Saccharomyces cerevisiae glycerol/H+ symporter Stl1p is essential for cold/near-freeze and freeze stress adaptation. A simple recipe with high biotechnological potential is given,
Authors: Joana Tulha, Ana Lima, Cândida Lucas, Célia Ferreira,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Diffusion tensor imaging correlates with cytopathology in a rat model of neonatal hydrocephalus,
Authors: Weihong Yuan, Kelley E Deren, James P McAllister, Scott K Holland, Diana M Lindquist, Alessandro Cancelliere, Melissa Mason, Ahmed Shereen, Dean A Hertzler, Mekibib Altaye, Francesco T Mangano,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Methodological challenges in following up patients of a hospital child protection team: is there a recruitment bias?,
Authors: Andreas Jud, Ulrich Lips, Markus A Landolt,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: First international summit on fibrosis in intestinal inflammation: mechanisms and biological therapies,
Authors: Florian Rieder, Claudio Fiocchi,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Efficacy, effectiveness, and behavior change trials in exercise research,
Authors: Kerry S Courneya,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: IPP-rich milk protein hydrolysate lowers blood pressure in subjects with stage 1 hypertension, a randomized controlled trial,
Authors: Esther Boelsma, Joris Kloek,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: A case-control study of determinants for high and low dental caries prevalence in Nevada youth,
Authors: Marcia Ditmyer, Georgia Dounis, Connie Mobley, Eli Schwarz,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Bio-psycho-social medicine is a comprehensive form of medicine bridging clinical medicine and public health,
Authors: Mutsuhiro Nakao,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: PFGE, Lior serotype, and antimicrobial resistance patterns among Campylobacter jejuni isolated from travelers and US military personnel with acute diarrhea in Thailand, 1998-2003,
Authors: Oralak Serichantalergs, Piyarat Pootong, Anders Dalsgaard, Ladaporn Bodhidatta, Patricia Guerry, David R Tribble, Sinn Anuras, Carl J Mason,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Determinants of delay in malaria treatment-seeking behaviour for under-five children in south-west Ethiopia: a case control study,
Authors: Alemayehu Getahun, Kebede Deribe, Amare Deribew,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Impact of national malaria control scale-up programmes in Africa: magnitude and attribution of effects,
Authors: Richard W Steketee, Carlos C Campbell,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Successful low-dose azathioprine for myasthenia gravis despite hepatopathy from primary sclerosing cholangitis: a case report,
Authors: Josef Finsterer, Sonja Höflich,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Takayasu's disease presenting as convulsive syncope which had been misinterpreted as epilepsy: a case report,
Authors: Bindu Menon, A Himabindu,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Oromotor variability in children with mild spastic cerebral palsy: a kinematic study of speech motor control,
Authors: Chia-ling Chen, Hsieh-ching Chen, Wei-hsien Hong, Fan-pei Gloria Yang, Liang-yi Yang, Ching-yi Wu,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Use of simulator-based medical procedural curriculum: the learner's perspectives,
Authors: David Shanks, Roger Y Wong, James M Roberts, Parvathy Nair, Irene WY Ma,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Viable mouse gene ablations that robustly alter brain Aβ levels are rare,
Authors: Jeremy H Toyn, Xu-Alan Lin, Mark W Thompson, Valerie Guss, Jere E Meredith, Sethu Sankaranarayanan, Nestor Barrezueta, John Corradi, Antara Majumdar, Daniel L Small, Melissa Hansard, Thomas Lanthorn, Ryan S Westphal, Charles F Albright,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Evaluation of a magnetic resonance-compatible dentoalveolar tactile stimulus device,
Authors: Estephan J Moana-Filho, Donald R Nixdorf, David A Bereiter, Mike T John, Noam Harel,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Spiral ligament fibrocyte-derived MCP-1/CCL2 contributes to inner ear inflammation secondary to nontypeable H. influenzae-induced otitis media,
Authors: Jeong-Im Woo, Huiqi Pan, Sejo Oh, David J Lim, Sung K Moon,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Diffuse small bowel thickening in aids patient - a case report,
Authors: Rohit Singla, Samriti Hari, Surendra K Sharma,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Levels of (1→3)-β-D-glucan, Candida mannan and Candida DNA in serum samples of pediatric cancer patients colonized with Candida species,
Authors: Eiman Mokaddas, Mona HA Burhamah, Zia U Khan, Suhail Ahmad,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato in Ixodes ricinus ticks collected from migratory birds in Southern Norway,
Authors: Vivian Kjelland, Snorre Stuen, Tone Skarpaas, Audun Slettan,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: How can we improve targeting of frail elderly patients to a geriatric day-hospital rehabilitation program?,
Authors: Silvia RM Pereira, Wendy Chiu, Alyson Turner, Stephanie Chevalier, Lawrence Joseph, Allen R Huang, Jose A Morais,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Neutrophil unsaturated fatty acid release by GM-CSF is impaired in cystic fibrosis,
Authors: Elena Bravo, Mariarosaria Napolitano, Sara Benedetti Valentini, Serena Quattrucci,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Influence of diet enriched with conjugated linoleic acids on their distribution in tissues of rats with DMBA induced tumors,
Authors: Agnieszka Białek, Andrzej Tokarz, Agnieszka Dudek, Weronika Kazimierska, Wojciech Bielecki,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Expression and phylogenetic analysis of the zic gene family in the evolution and development of metazoans,
Authors: Michael J Layden, Néva P Meyer, Kevin Pang, Elaine C Seaver, Mark Q Martindale,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Aminopeptidases do not directly degrade tau protein,
Authors: K Martin Chow, Hanjun Guan, Louis B Hersh,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Systemic treatment with liver X receptor agonists raises apolipoprotein E, cholesterol, and amyloid-β peptides in the cerebral spinal fluid of rats,
Authors: Sokreine Suon, Jie Zhao, Stephanie A Villarreal, Nikesh Anumula, Mali Liu, Linda M Carangia, John J Renger, Celina V Zerbinatti,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Sex-biased transcription enhancement by a 5' tethered Gal4-MOF histone acetyltransferase fusion protein in Drosophila,
Authors: Anja H Schiemann, Fang Li, Vikki M Weake, Esther J Belikoff, Kent C Klemmer, Stanley A Moore, Maxwell J Scott,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Utilisation, contents and costs of prenatal care under a rural health insurance (New Co-operative Medical System) in rural China: lessons from implementation,
Authors: Qian Long, Tuohong Zhang, Elina Hemminki, Xiaojun Tang, Kun Huang, Shengbin Xiao, Rachel Tolhurst,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Patient reported outcomes in head and neck cancer: selecting instruments for quality of life integration in clinical protocols,
Authors: Augusta P Silveira, Joaquim Gonçalves, Teresa Sequeira, Cláudia Ribeiro, Carlos Lopes, Eurico Monteiro, Francisco L Pimentel,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Prognostic Significance of Nuclear Survivin Expression in Resected Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Head and Neck,
Authors: Yoon Ho Ko, Sang-Young Roh, Hye Sung Won, Eun Kyoung Jeon, Sook Hee Hong, Myung Ah Lee, Jin Hyoung Kang, Young Seon Hong, Min Sik Kim, Chan-Kwon Jung,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Macrophage pro-inflammatory cytokine secretion is enhanced following interaction with autologous platelets,
Authors: Christopher M Scull, William D Hays, Thomas H Fischer,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Urinary proteome analysis enables assessment of renoprotective treatment in type 2 diabetic patients with microalbuminuria,
Authors: Sten Andersen, Harald Mischak, Petra Zürbig, Hans-Henrik Parving, Peter Rossing,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Increased renal sodium absorption by inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis during fasting in healthy man. A possible role of the epithelial sodium channels,
Authors: Thomas G Lauridsen, Henrik Vase, Jørn Starklint, Carolina C Graffe, Jesper N Bech, Søren Nielsen, Erling B Pedersen,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: In vivo development of dendritic orientation in wild-type and mislocalized retinal ganglion cells,
Authors: Jung-Hwan Choi, Mei-Yee Law, Chi-Bin Chien, Brian A Link, Rachel OL Wong,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Quantitative expression of osteopontin in nasal mucosa of patients with allergic rhinitis: effects of pollen exposure and nasal glucocorticoid treatment,
Authors: Serena E O'Neil, Carina Malmhäll, Konstantinos Samitas, Teet Pullerits, Apostolos Bossios, Jan Lötvall,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Communication about environmental health risks: A systematic review,
Authors: Donna Fitzpatrick-Lewis, Jennifer Yost, Donna Ciliska, Shari Krishnaratne,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Correction: Surveillance of pyrazinamide susceptibility among multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from Siriraj Hospital, Thailand,
Authors: Jirarut Jonmalung, Therdsak Prammananan, Manoon Leechawengwongs, Angkana Chaiprasert,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Gram-positive pathogenic bacteria induce a common early response in human monocytes,
Authors: Svetlin Tchatalbachev, Rohit Ghai, Hamid Hossain, Trinad Chakraborty,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Laboratory based surveillance of travel-related Shigella sonnei and Shigella flexneri in Alberta from 2002 to 2007,
Authors: Steven J Drews, Chris Lau, Marnie Andersen, Christina Ferrato, Kim Simmonds, Liala Stafford, Bev Fisher, Doug Everett, Marie Louie,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: The dual role of the neuroinflammatory response after ischemic stroke: modulatory effects of hypothermia,
Authors: An-Gaëlle Ceulemans, Tine Zgavc, Ron Kooijman, Said Hachimi-Idrissi, Sophie Sarre, Yvette Michotte,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Charting the progression of disability in parkinson disease: study protocol for a prospective longitudinal cohort study,
Authors: Leland E Dibble, James T Cavanaugh, Gammon M Earhart, Terry D Ellis, Matthew P Ford, Kenneth B Foreman,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Cranio-spinal migration of a metallic clip placed during arteriovenous malformation resection - A case report, review of the literature, and management strategies,
Authors: Clark C Chen, Pascal O Zinn, Ekkehard M Kasper, Christopher S Ogilvy,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: A seasonal periodicity in relapses of multiple sclerosis? A single-center, population-based, preliminary study conducted in Bologna, Italy,
Authors: Fabrizio Salvi, Ilaria Bartolomei, Michael H Smolensky, Angelo Lorusso, Elena Barbarossa, Anna Maria Malagoni, Paolo Zamboni, Roberto Manfredini,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Analyses of association between PPAR gamma and EPHX1 polymorphisms and susceptibility to COPD in a Hungarian cohort, a case-control study,
Authors: Andras Penyige, Szilard Poliska, Eszter Csanky, Beata Scholtz, Balazs Dezso, Ivan Schmelczer, Iain Kilty, Laszlo Takacs, Laszlo Nagy,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Case Study: Does training of private networks of Family Planning clinicians in urban Pakistan affect service utilization?,
Authors: Asma M Qureshi,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Topoisomerase II alpha expression and the benefit of adjuvant chemotherapy for postoperative patients with non-small cell lung cancer,
Authors: Shi Yan, Jiao Shun-Chang, Chen Li, Li Jie, Lv Ya-Li, Wang Ling-Xiong,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: An experimental study on cervix cancer with combination of HSV-TK/GCV suicide gene therapy system and 60Co radiotherapy,
Authors: Daozhen Chen, Qiusha Tang,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: High number of CD45RO+ tumor infiltrating lymphocytes is an independent prognostic factor in non-metastasized (stage I-IIA) esophageal adenocarcinoma,
Authors: Sandra Rauser, Rupert Langer, Sebastian Tschernitz, Peter Gais, Uta Jütting, Marcus Feith, Heinz Höfler, Axel Walch,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Randomised trial of proton vs. carbon ion radiation therapy in patients with chordoma of the skull base, clinical phase III study HIT-1-Study,
Authors: Anna V Nikoghosyan, Irini Karapanagiotou-Schenkel, Marc W Münter, Alexandra D Jensen, Stephanie E Combs, Jürgen Debus,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: The influence of nativity and neighborhoods on breast cancer stage at diagnosis and survival among California Hispanic women,
Authors: Theresa HM Keegan, Thu Quach, Sarah Shema, Sally L Glaser, Scarlett L Gomez,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: SHOX2 DNA Methylation is a Biomarker for the diagnosis of lung cancer based on bronchial aspirates,
Authors: Bernd Schmidt, Volker Liebenberg, Dimo Dietrich, Thomas Schlegel, Christoph Kneip, Anke Seegebarth, Nadja Flemming, Stefanie Seemann, Jürgen Distler, Jörn Lewin, Reimo Tetzner, Sabine Weickmann, Ulrike Wille, Triantafillos Liloglou, Olaide Raji, Martin Walshaw, Michael Fleischhacker, Christian Witt, John K Field,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Assessment of depression and anxiety in adult cancer outpatients: a cross-sectional study,
Authors: Nauman A Jadoon, Waqar Munir, Mohammad A Shahzad, Zeshan S Choudhry,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Cell-free miRNAs may indicate diagnosis and docetaxel sensitivity of tumor cells in malignant effusions,
Authors: Li Xie, Xi Chen, Lifeng Wang, Xiaoping Qian, Tingting Wang, Jia Wei, Lixia Yu, Yitao Ding, Chenyu Zhang, Baorui Liu,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Therapy with un-engineered naïve rat umbilical cord matrix stem cells markedly inhibits growth of murine lung adenocarcinoma,
Authors: Dharmendra K Maurya, Chiyo Doi, Atsushi Kawabata, Marla M Pyle, Clay King, Zhihong Wu, Deryl Troyer, Masaaki Tamura,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Targeting the osteosarcoma cancer stem cell,
Authors: Valerie A Siclari, Ling Qin,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Glycine tomentella Hayata inhibits IL-1β and IL-6 production, inhibits MMP-9 activity, and enhances RAW264.7 macrophage clearance of apoptotic cells,
Authors: Jia-Hau Yen, Deng-Jye Yang, Meng-Chi Chen, Yu-Fan Hsieh, Yu-Shu Sun, Gregory J Tsay,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Further developments towards a genome-scale metabolic model of yeast,
Authors: Paul D Dobson, Kieran Smallbone, Daniel Jameson, Evangelos Simeonidis, Karin Lanthaler, Pınar Pir, Chuan Lu, Neil Swainston, Warwick B Dunn, Paul Fisher, Duncan Hull, Marie Brown, Olusegun Oshota, Natalie J Stanford, Douglas B Kell, Ross D King, Stephen G Oliver, Robert D Stevens, Pedro Mendes,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Sex partnerships, health, and social risks of young men leaving jail: analyzing data from a randomized controlled trial,
Authors: Megha Ramaswamy, Nicholas Freudenberg,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Perceptions of personal health risks by medical and non-medical workers in a university medical center: a survey study,
Authors: Tita Alissa Listyowardojo, Raoul E Nap, Addie Johnson,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Assessment of the direct medical costs of diabetes mellitus and its complications in the United Arab Emirates,
Authors: Fatma Al-Maskari, Mohammed El-Sadig, Nicholas Nagelkerke,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Comparing sexual risks and patterns of alcohol and drug use between injection drug users (IDUs) and non-IDUs who report sexual partnerships with IDUs in St. Petersburg, Russia,
Authors: Nadia Abdala, Edward White, Olga V Toussova, Tatiana V Krasnoselskikh, Sergei Verevochkin, Andrei P Kozlov, Robert Heimer,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Testing for sexually transmitted infections in general practice: cross-sectional study,
Authors: Katharine E Sadler, Nicola Low, Catherine H Mercer, Lorna J Sutcliffe, M Amir Islam, Shuja Shafi, Gary M Brook, Helen Maguire, Patrick J Horner, Jackie A Cassell,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Ecological analysis of health care utilisation for China's rural population: association with a rural county's socioeconomic characteristics,
Authors: Kam Ling Chau,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Facing the threat of influenza pandemic - roles of and implications to general practitioners,
Authors: Albert Lee, Antonio AT Chuh,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Legionella spp. and legionellosis in southeastern Italy: disease epidemiology and environmental surveillance in community and health care facilities,
Authors: Christian Napoli, Fabrizio Fasano, Roberta Iatta, Giovanna Barbuti, Teresa Cuna, Maria Teresa Montagna,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Reproductive health care for asylum-seeking women - a challenge for health professionals,
Authors: Elisabeth Kurth, Fabienne N Jaeger, Elisabeth Zemp, Sibil Tschudin, Alexander Bischoff,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Systematic development of a self-regulation weight-management intervention for overweight adults,
Authors: Lenneke van Genugten, Pepijn van Empelen, Ilse Flink, Anke Oenema,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: CT scan screening is associated with increased distress among subjects of the APExS,
Authors: Christophe Paris, Marion Maurel, Amandine Luc, Audrey Stoufflet, Jean-Claude Pairon, Marc Letourneux,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Regulators of G-Protein signaling RGS10 and RGS17 regulate chemoresistance in ovarian cancer cells,
Authors: Shelley B Hooks, Phillip Callihan, Molly K Altman, Jillian H Hurst, Mourad W Ali, Mandi M Murph,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: MicroR159 regulation of most conserved targets in Arabidopsis has negligible phenotypic effects,
Authors: Robert S Allen, Junyan Li, Maria M Alonso-Peral, Rosemary G White, Frank Gubler, Anthony A Millar,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Evaluation of suitable reference genes for normalization of real-time reverse transcription PCR analysis in colon cancer,
Authors: Lise Aa Sørby, Solveig N Andersen, Ida RK Bukholm, Morten B Jacobsen,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: A comparison of ARMS and DNA sequencing for mutation analysis in clinical biopsy samples,
Authors: Gillian Ellison, Emma Donald, Gael McWalter, Lucy Knight, Lynn Fletcher, James Sherwood, Mireille Cantarini, Maria Orr, Georgina Speake,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Eight week exposure to a high sugar high fat diet results in adiposity gain and alterations in metabolic biomarkers in baboons (Papio hamadryas sp.),
Authors: Paul B Higgins, Raul A Bastarrachea, Juan Carlos Lopez-Alvarenga, Maggie Garcia-Forey, J Michael Proffitt, V Saroja Voruganti, M Elizabeth Tejero, Vicki Mattern, Karin Haack, Robert E Shade, Shelley A Cole, Anthony G Comuzzie,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Evaluation of the safety and efficacy of pregabalin in older patients with neuropathic pain: results from a pooled analysis of 11 clinical studies,
Authors: David Semel, T Kevin Murphy, Gergana Zlateva, Raymond Cheung, Birol Emir,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: The nucleotide addition cycle of RNA polymerase is controlled by two molecular hinges in the Bridge Helix domain,
Authors: Robert OJ Weinzierl,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Human ASPM participates in spindle organisation, spindle orientation and cytokinesis,
Authors: Julie Higgins, Carol Midgley, Anna-Maria Bergh, Sandra M Bell, Jonathan M Askham, Emma Roberts, Ruth K Binns, Saghira M Sharif, Christopher Bennett, David M Glover, C Geoffrey Woods, Ewan E Morrison, Jacquelyn Bond,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: The role of colonoscopy in the management of intestinal obstruction: a 20-year retrospective study,
Authors: Konstantinos H Katsanos, Mariana Maliouki, Athina Tatsioni, Eleftheria Ignatiadou, Dimitrios K Christodoulou, Michael Fatouros, Epameinondas V Tsianos,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: Vesicocutaneous fistula formation during treatment with sunitinib malate: Case report,
Authors: Koichiro Watanabe, Satoshi Otsu, Ryotaro Morinaga, Sakura Kawano, Yoshinori Hirashima, Hiroyuki Sakashita, Kuniaki Shirao,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: The Atlas of human African trypanosomiasis: a contribution to global mapping of neglected tropical diseases,
Authors: Pere P Simarro, Giuliano Cecchi, Massimo Paone, José R Franco, Abdoulaye Diarra, José A Ruiz, Eric M Fèvre, Fabrice Courtin, Raffaele C Mattioli, Jean G Jannin,
This article has not been rated

Article Title and Code: radR: an open-source platform for acquiring and analysing data on biological targets observed by surveillance radar,
Authors: Philip D Taylor, John M Brzustowski, Carolyn Matkovich, Michael L Peckford, Dave Wilson,
This article has not been rated

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