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Article Title and Code: Rec8-containing cohesin maintains bivalents without turnover during the growing phase of mouse oocytes,
Authors: Kikuë Tachibana-Konwalski, Jonathan Godwin, Louise Van Der Weyden, Lysie Champion, Nobuaki R. Kudo, David J. Adams, Kim Nasmyth,
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Article Title and Code: Eph/ephrin molecules—a hub for signaling and endocytosis,
Authors: Mara E. Pitulescu, Ralf H. Adams,
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Article Title and Code: Structure of an Ebf1:DNA complex reveals unusual DNA recognition and structural homology with Rel proteins,
Authors: Nora Treiber, Thomas Treiber, Georg Zocher, Rudolf Grosschedl,
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Article Title and Code: Induced pluripotency: history, mechanisms, and applications,
Authors: Matthias Stadtfeld, Konrad Hochedlinger,
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