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Article Title and Code: A role for thrombin in the initiation of the immune response to therapeutic factor VIII,
Authors: Jonathan Skupsky, Ai-Hong Zhang, Yan Su, David W. Scott,
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Article Title and Code: Platelet-associated IgAs and impaired GPVI responses in platelets lacking WIP,
Authors: Hervé Falet, Michael P. Marchetti, Karin M. Hoffmeister, Michel J. Massaad, Raif S. Geha, John H. Hartwig,
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Article Title and Code: The transcription factors STAT5A/B regulate GM-CSF–mediated granulopoiesis,
Authors: Akiko Kimura, Michael A. Rieger, James M. Simone, Weiping Chen, Mark C. Wickre, Bing-Mei Zhu, Philipp S. Hoppe, John J. O'Shea, Timm Schroeder, Lothar Hennighausen,
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Article Title and Code: Follicular lymphoma cells induce T-cell immunologic synapse dysfunction that can be repaired with lenalidomide: implications for the tumor microenvironment and immunotherapy,
Authors: Alan G. Ramsay, Andrew J. Clear, Gavin Kelly, Rewas Fatah, Janet Matthews, Finlay MacDougall, T. Andrew Lister, Abigail M. Lee, Maria Calaminici, John G. Gribben,
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Article Title and Code: VH4-34+ hairy cell leukemia, a new variant with poor prognosis despite standard therapy,
Authors: Evgeny Arons, Tara Suntum, Maryalice Stetler-Stevenson, Robert J. Kreitman,
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Article Title and Code: High TCL1 levels are a marker of B-cell receptor pathway responsiveness and adverse outcome in chronic lymphocytic leukemia,
Authors: Marco Herling, Kaushali A. Patel, Nicole Weit, Nils Lilienthal, Michael Hallek, Michael J. Keating, Dan Jones,
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Article Title and Code: The role and regulation of friend of GATA-1 (FOG-1) during blood development in the zebrafish,
Authors: Julio D. Amigo, Gabriele E. Ackermann, John J. Cope, Ming Yu, Jeffrey D. Cooney, Dongdong Ma, Nathaniel B. Langer, Ebrahim Shafizadeh, George C. Shaw, Wyatt Horsely, Nikolaus S. Trede, Alan J. Davidson, Bruce A. Barut, Yi Zhou, Sarah A. Wojiski, David Traver, Tyler B. Moran, George Kourkoulis, Karl Hsu, John P. Kanki, Dhvanit I. Shah, Hui Feng Lin, Robert I. Handin, Alan B. Cantor, Barry H. Paw,
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Article Title and Code: Identification of novel regulators of hematopoietic stem cell development through refinement of stem cell localization and expression profiling,
Authors: Maria I. Mascarenhas, Aimée Parker, Elaine Dzierzak, Katrin Ottersbach,
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Article Title and Code: Relationship of erythropoietin, fetal hemoglobin, and hydroxyurea treatment to tricuspid regurgitation velocity in children with sickle cell disease,
Authors: Victor R. Gordeuk, Andrew Campbell, Sohail Rana, Mehdi Nouraie, Xiaomei Niu, Caterina P. Minniti, Craig Sable, Deepika Darbari, Niti Dham, Onyinye Onyekwere, Tatiana Ammosova, Sergei Nekhai, Gregory J. Kato, Mark T. Gladwin, Oswaldo L. Castro,
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Article Title and Code: Serum ferritin level changes in children with sickle cell disease on chronic blood transfusion are nonlinear and are associated with iron load and liver injury,
Authors: Thomas V. Adamkiewicz, Miguel R. Abboud, Carole Paley, Nancy Olivieri, Melanie Kirby-Allen, Elliott Vichinsky, James F. Casella, Ofelia A. Alvarez, Julio C. Barredo, Margaret T. Lee, Rathi V. Iyer, Abdullah Kutlar, Kathleen M. McKie, Virgil McKie, Nadine Odo, Beatrice Gee, Janet L. Kwiatkowski, Gerald M. Woods, Thomas Coates, Winfred Wang, Robert J. Adams,
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